Trainer’s Protocol

Matt Moreau - Head Trainer

Erica Almarez - Assistant

Nikki Briseno - Assistant



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Training room opens at 7:00 am Monday-Friday 

Come in the morning. If seniors have am off they can come 1st period.

Club injuries- can help evaluate and get into OrthoTexas but they can not treat until we have a doctors note. 

Dr. Meyers comes to Hebron Monday morning during football season if they need a quick look.

Concussion Protocol - if there is a head injury it is state law that they MUST see a physician. It is STATE LAW. We have a concussion doctor that we send players to and can get into fast most of the time.

Impact Test - players got a sheet with information on this. It must be completed by September 2. It is a baseline for the concussion protocol.